Thursday, 10 October 2019

Purple Cousins and Minty Runners

And so, here is October.
It is not really cold but we have started our fires at home.
Our autumn jobs are well under way.
The preparation for the fencing has involved a lot of cutting back .... trees, shrubs etc.


Just a bit to go.
It was great to have help from William and Rachel.
I have tidied all the moveable fairy things from the little garden.
They are stored safely in the cob shed.
The Michaelmus daisies continue to flower. How I love them.
And so do the bees. As I pass, they fly off in clouds.
The bright pink one at top right, needs to be split, to propagate, unlike its purple cousins.
Dahlias still coming thick and fast but some beginning to fade slightly. It will soon be time to lift them.
There are many opportunities to make new plants.
Here are some apple mint shoots, ready for the taking.
They have spilled out onto the path.
This is a new plant to me.
They are called alonsoa (Sarah Raven seeds)
They are very unusual and flowering profusely still.
I think they are half hardy but we`ll see.
The turkeys are gobbling round their run during the day.
What a strange noise they make.
There are still some crabapples on the tree.
This might be the next corner to get some attention. 
After the fence goes up. 
How did it get so wild?

And colour continues in our own garden with unexpected beauty.


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