Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Cobshed Fairies and Guest Gardens

Lots happening here even though it is coming up to the end of the season .... believe it or not.

Oliver came to stay at the Owl yurt with his mum and dad. He has been coming here since he was two years old. Whilst he was here he created this wonderful fairy garden.

The detail is fantastic.

What a clever boy he is. I was very impressed.

Elsewhere around the garden, fairies and other woodland folk have moved into the cobshed. They are all happy to see anyone if you just peep through the round windows.

One of my jobs has been to make a start on the compost heaps. In actual fact it was far easier than I had expected. The compost was like black gold and was spread around the garden. Then it was refilled with everything stacked at the side. Glad to do that. I didn't want it decomposing next to the new fence.

The sunflowers are still going strong. I highly recommend Sun King for its long lived flower heads. I've saved lots of seeds.

This one has seeded itself alongside the polytunnel.

Bumblebees are still busy.

And the chicks are growing.

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