Saturday, 26 September 2020

Glass Butterflies

 Oh the signs of autumn are upon us. As I lie in bed, the trees opposite change gradually each day, there's condensation on the windows which double glazing never cured, leaves are swirling round the garden and its cold.

But the garden is bursting with colour  ..... mauves, oranges, reds.


But the main job today was cobbing. Over the year the outer layer is worn away by wind and rain, so periodically we add a layer. Well we haven't done it for two years and we never did get right round.
But today was cobbing with a difference.

Anne had the brilliant idea to decorate with the wings of a butterfly. After doing the cob layer she drew an outline in the wet mixture and we built up the cob into a 3D shape.

After a very late lunch we arrived back to find Anne in the throes of creativity.

The final result is stunning. 
I love it.

We've probably got another half to do and then some work on patching up the sedum roof.
A great day's work.


  1. That is lovely!!
    You could do something like that with your sea glass

  2. I was thinking the very same thing .... maybe our names spelt out up under the eaves. Trouble is my seaglass is a bit precious.

    1. That’s a great idea! It’s precious but it’s nice for others to see it in use. I know exactly what you mean though!

    2. True but it might get lost if pushed into the cob. Also there would be none left for Aiden in my will!!!?