Saturday, 12 September 2020

Garden Festival

The warm weather lingers on into mid-September. What glorious days for yurting or camping. Many visitors wandering through the garden but we haven't much to give away now ....perhaps just a few sweetpea seeds. 

Long chat with a very interesting lady from Worthing....a nurse, enjoying a well-deserved w.end away.

My job was to continue clearing and tidying one of the flower beds. I brought up verbena boniarensis and rose campion plants .... a mauvy pink theme going on here I think.

I gave them a good watering in and moved on to the next section of path to weed, saving self-seeded plants as I went.

Where did the 5th chick come from? Anne assures me it has always been there. I think the foster mother must have been sitting on one. The chicks are Polish Pompoms.

The dahlias continue to bloom. I have a new theory. I don't think the bigger tubers do so well. I may be doing more splitting in the autumn. The pot lucks with a single tuber have been fantastic.

I found out the name of our most prolific dahlia. It is called "Garden Festival."

The toadstool table has been a great success with children, who like to rearrange the ladybirds and fairy furniture.

I planted helichrysum seeds very late but the plants are producing a steady supply of flowers.
I hope the lovely weather continues.

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