Friday, 16 October 2020

Beacons of Light

 On Tuesday we made a lightning visit to the garden to pick dahlias.

The colour is still amazing.
Fungi is beginning to make an appearance.

The crabapples are like beacons of light.
The Michaelmus daisies  continue to delight but they are going to need a good thinning out when they've finished flowering.

We've been having a close look at the sedum roof. It is not as bad as we first thought. I have begun to root more plants into the old turf that surrounded the pond. We will use it to fill in the gaps.
The pond is as clear as can be with good oxygen producing plants  in the bottom.
I continue to remove duck weed at every opportunity.
Inside the polytunnel new tomatoes have grown!!!

French marigolds continue to flower.

And we're bringing things in for the winter.
The scarecrows are indoors.
And the chickens continue to grow.



  1. Nice to see the colours of Autumn, so bright and cheery even on grey days.
    Duck weed is such a pain!!

  2. And I have to brace myself today to pull out French marigolds which are still flowering. Bare root wallflowers must go in.