Tuesday, 6 October 2020

October Delights and Disasters

 The garden was glorious yesterday. It actually got very warm and the pollen began to flow on the Michaelmus daisies and the common hoverflies were taking advantage.

I had several jobs. One was to empty and refill the water trough. It is now full of daffodils, tulips, myosotis and garden pinks.
Another job was to clear a bit more of a flower bed and put in yet more garden pinks.

In the polytunnel Steve was busy clearing any tomatoes that were finished. I did the watering using water from a wheelbarrow after the heavy rain.
Then I cleared an area to bring the scarecrows inside.
My last job was to complete the clearing of a vegetable bed.

The soil is working very well. So easy to get out fennel seedlings and comfrey roots

The Michaelmus daisies are stealing the show with the sunflowers hanging on for dear life.
Finally we stood mesmerised as mating Autumn Meadowhawk dragonflies dotted their eggs round the pond edges in the blink of an eye.

We are very disappointed to report that the last couple of cobbing sessions have been unsuccessful with huge chunks landing in clods round the walls, including Anne's beautiful butterfly.
No doubt we will try again in a new season.
None of us can fathom what we have done wrong this time round.

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