Monday, 19 October 2020

Pennine Beauties

 Back in the spring I decided to try chrysanthemums once again. It is literally years since I grew them in my garden. Back then, a very kind man in the village called Arthur Farnes, gave me cuttings.

I ordered them from Fothergills, a double pack.

They were a decent size and I potted them on. Once they got to a good size I planted them out into a row where I diligently watered, staked and fed them during the very hot weather.

In late August they began to do their stuff and ever since then I have had bunches and bunches. I don't cut them long as I can't bear to cut the buds. They are very long-lasting in vases.

And here is the row.

They are truly worth every penny and I can't wait to get some cuttings in spring next year.


  1. They do put on a great display at this time of year, don’t they? Providing little patches of colour on a few plots on our site. Beautiful