Thursday, 4 September 2014

Donkey Visitors and New Bridles

Another lovely day at the garden.
Halfway through the afternoon, Anne and Hollie brought Alice and Rosie (not Polly) to visit the garden for the first time. They were wearing their new bridles.
It was all very exciting.

They still seem just a little jittery especially with Peggy, the bassett around 
but they enjoyed the apple we gave them.

Paula and I holding them, not too confidently I hasten to add.

Rosie (I think)

Alice (I think)

This was our job for the afternoon.

Just as we were leaving, we spotted this tiny froglet climbing up the netting over the cabbages!!
Very odd.


  1. They are so cute, can't wait to meet them next year. You are going to have to start putting warnings on your blog posts containing frogs haha, they always make me jump, spotting the pictures of them, they literally make my skin crawl ergh hahaha x x x x

  2. Sorry about the frog photos. Will try to remember next time.