Monday, 22 September 2014

Glorious September

What a September we are having!
Beautiful misty mornings with cobwebs covered in dew.....

......huge spiders, which won`t please some members of my family.

The colour around our own garden is stunning and is much enjoyed.

Michaelmus daisies coming into their own and smothered in bees of all kinds.




Delphiniums having a second showing.

The helianthus "Lemon Queen" is a fantastic backdrop to other colours around the garden.

My one year old standard fuchsias are doing well.

New Guinea bizzie lizzies, ricinus, cosmos, and coleus still going strong.


The patio roses I rescued fromFreshwinds Garden are now having 
their first flush of flowers after being eaten to bits by rabbits there.

The lion`s head is growing a sedum mane.

All in all a most glorious September going out in a blaze of mind-blowing colour.
Long may it last.


  1. Hello Jenny at freshwinds, Just to say how thoroughly enjoyable your blog is. So much wonderful colour and lots of healthy edibles to relish. Love seeing the various farm animals as well. Nothing nicer than a friendly chicken following folk around. Many of us would love a couple of donkeys for company too. Thank you so much for putting it all online for others to enjoy and more so with Winter ahead when we will have time to soak it up. Cheers m'dear. Twigs

  2. Thank you for your nice comments. It`s all a pleasure.