Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Luscious Leeks and Juicy Pears

We have spent a delightful afternoon at the garden in lovely late summer sunshine.
They are predicting an Indian summer....well roll it out.
There is loads to do.
The donkeys, Alice and Poppy were out enjoying the rays.
I am still harvesting fantastic helichrysum heads and bunches of statice, now all drying in our garden room.
The dahlias are coming into their own. 

The sweetcorn has reached the ceiling of the polytunnel.
Growth is incredible.
The pumpkins are changing in front of our eyes.

I spent most of the afternoon weeding the front of this bed. I pulled up the cornflowers which have been such a sight all summer.
I`ve put in some myosotis. The rabbits don`t like it.

The comfrey needs cutting.

Steve uncovered the leeks and they seem to have burst forth.

Alongside the leeks, the odd dahlia tubers have surpassed them selves.

The insect hotel has disappeared under the wild flowers.

 There were only 2 pears from our two trees.
They were delicious.

Mabel has a new hat with ribbons.
She`s beginning to look 
a little tight-lipped.

There was a lot to sort out when we got home.

This blog entry is dedicated to my best friend Lark, who died on Friday.
We have been friends for 64 years. 
She had cancer.
She loved Freshwinds Garden.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Jen, cancer is such an awful disease and something we hear about all too often now.

    That Dhalia is gorgeous, I love how the petals look like little cones, so pretty.

    Sorry for such a delayed comment, I've fallen very behind on blogs again, we can blame the wedding for this time hehee. Catch you soon x x x

  2. Thank you Gemma. Think you have a jolly good excuse.