Sunday, 7 September 2014

Polytunnel: Lessons and Triumphs

There is no doubt that a polytunnel adds a different dimension to our garden.
We are new to polytunnels of this size and along the way we have learnt a few lessons.
  I would also like to share our triumphs so far.
Here is the polytunnel back in June, with a few potato plants already there as we built around them!!.

Here it is now from the same viewpoint..

Lesson number 1
I would never have believed the incredible amount of growth  and would most definitely allow a  lot more room for each plant next time.

I have never seen cucmbers grow like this. There are only about 4 plants here.
Unfortunately there are aubergines and peppers in front and they have been swamped.
Next time I would only plant one row instead of two.

Lesson number 2
There is a limit to the number of cucumbers that we can eat, pickle or dispose of, to friends and neighbours.
One day last week I counted 27 cucumbers in our kitchen!!
I am not complaining as it is quite lovely to give produce away.
One problem with cucumbers, is that some years we are not very successful with our germination, so when we do have a good year with fantastic plants, we tend to plant them all........hedging our bets.

The sweetcorn has hit the ceiling as mentioned previously, and the cobs are forming.
We are hoping these will take us well into the autumn.
The ceiling was dripping with condensation.

Lesson number 3
Don`t go into the polytunnel on a September morning when your wife has a devilish twinkle in her eye.
(No pictures unfortunately)

Chilli peppers
 Borlotti beans

Dahlias for late flowers.

We picked the rest of the Fiesta apples.

All loaded up to go home.

A wild mallow is thriving in the old onion patch. Can`t bear to pull it up.

Myosotis in the wild flower beds. The wild flowers have been a bit of a disaster this year.
Perenniel rudbeckia and Helianthus Lemon Queen.

Verbena boniarensis.

The cornflowers are hanging on.

Along with the corn marigolds.

At home I cleared and prepared a  memorial bed for my friend Lark.
The 100 daffodils, from my brother James, are ready to plant and the urn has 3 forgetmenots.

Now both gardens are being left for a week.


  1. Amazing polytunnel pictures! Your friends and neighbours will definitely eat well!

  2. Yes. Now we can`t wait to see what`s happened in a week whilst we have been away. Eeeeek!!

  3. The polytunnel looks like a jungle haha.

    Cannot wait to see your little memorial garden in the spring, it is going to look incredible :) x x x

    1. It`s gone on hold a bit as there is so much to clear in the big garden but we`ll get back to it soon.