Saturday, 9 May 2015

Blustery Visit

A blustery visit today but at least it wasn`t cold.
The car park was full....lots of campers around, showering, relaxing in the Wool Barn and enjoying the new pets corner.

The ground was perfect for planting so I set to and found spaces for two rows of helichrysum.
This one is at the back of the onion bed where Steve left me a little space.

I planted the tomatoes last time we were there and they all seemed fine....
6 Gardeners Delight, 3 Harbinger and 3 Marmande. 
Last year I learnt the hard lesson of not spacing them out enough so this year they are in a single line.

The strawberries need to be raised quite a way off the ground. I am searching for some brieze blocks next time.

I cleared the corner and put in an Aldi Shake and Rake pack of herbs to see how they do. 
£1.49 a pack.

Nearer the door I put in some of my own herbs.....coriander and hyssop.

We cleared the last of the brocolli bed and weeded it. Steve dug it over and it raked down nicely.

The broad beans and potatoes are coming along well.

The home-saved seeds are all coming up.....sidalcea, and an unknown packet I couldn`t recognise.
I scattered honesty and Ammi seeds in the wild area by the gate after a bit of weeding.

The net curtaining seems to be doing the trick and even the herbs are protected now.
Maybe there will be more poppies this year.

Plenty of weeding to do round the carrots next time. 
The guinea pigs were enjoying themselves.

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