Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hazel Poles and Brieze Blocks

Being short of poles for our (hopefully) wonderful bean row this year, we set off for a small bit of rough woodland by the farm entrance. Experienced woodcutters would not be happy to cut wood just coming into leaf, but needs must. It was hard work. The ground was uneven, boggy in places and I stepped down a deep rabbit hole, luckily keeping my balance.

Steve was able to complete the row. I forgot to take a photo.

Today I have planted yet more runner beans. I am determined to have two brilliant rows this year.

Next job was planting the usual dried flower plants.....helichrysum and statice.

Lots of slug and snail trails around the ones I put in last time......the pellets are working!

The ferrets have a new home, one that is much easier to watch them playing.
They were tucked up out of the wind.

We met the new addition to the pets corner......Flash Harry.
He is 40 years old.

I collected 4 brieze blocks from the yard and we used these
to raise up a shelf for some early strawberries in the polytunnel.
Don`t know if it will work but it`s worth a try.

Underneath we hope to grow melons. I`ve got quite a few good plants on the go at home.

The acanthus is doing well.....it outgrew its space at home.

And this is a hebe cutting that got a little too big for its pot.

The cob shed roof is colouring up well.
We need to get on with the flooring.

The cerinthe in the garden is very dark. The ones we grow at home are much paler.

This is another project ..... replacing the net.
So very many jobs. 
Never a dull moment.


  1. Wow, you have been busy and I just love the cob shed xx

  2. Thank you for your comment Josie. It is nice to know someone is reading the blog.