Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Marvellous May

After helping my brother James to plant up his summer bedding all morning and well into the afternoon, Steve and I made a much later visit to Freshwinds......
and yes we did do quite a lot more planting!!!
Two aubergines, a row of parsley and a row of coriander in the polytunnel .
I also added quite a few more odd tagetes plants and French marigolds as companion planting.
Seven cardoons went in the shrub bed.
The ground was hard and took quite a bit of working before I could plant them.
(More about this plant when it flowers.)
It is totally amazing to think that most of the plants in this bed are cuttings and over-grown items from our own garden.
 It was busy, busy, busy with yurters watching frogs and checking out the cob shed, Tim and Hollie sawing logs and arrivals.
We added another tray of plants to the nursery.
I checked out the newest planting which was fine .
Harry and William were happy swinging together in their hammock.
So cute.


The deep purple comfrey was attracting the bees and soon the foxgloves will be doing the same.

The poached egg plant is thriving after seeding itself from last year.
It is a good plant for bees and butterflies.
The intense green of the new hornbeam hedge is the green I wish I could wear.....if I could find it.
 I am rooting some mint.....there are plenty of new shoots to choose from!!
We are still enjoying our Moroccan style mint tea.

At home I spent a happy half hour in the last of the sun, enjoying the flowers of late May.
Here are a few of my photos.


  1. What beautiful flowers. Are those big colourful irises? Paul grows a lot of special irises. He also has the blue poppy which you mentioned in a previous post. It is astoundingšŸ˜Š

  2. I have tried to grow it from seed with no luck. Maybe I need to treat myself to a plant. Not sure what soil it likes. Must look it up.