Thursday, 13 August 2015

Home Days

The day began early.....a delightful breakfast here with my brother and little Frazer.
They went off for a walk in the rain to splash through puddles.

A truly raging storm has been over us all morning, accompanied by thunder, lightening, torrential rain and unprecedented darkness. Every fairy light is on and my music is keeping me up-beat.
Not that I need to be kept up-beat.
I consider these "home days" as a good way to catch my breath and catch up with everything, as long as there are not too many in a row and, that they are interspersed with days at the beach.

With that in mind, I have made two batches of tomato sauce from 8lbs of tomatoes and frozen another 5lbs, I`ve made a double batch of wholemeal scones, changed the bed and tidied up the kitchen. Now it`s time to sit down for a while.

I have had lots of crafty ideas lately.
Crocheted cotton purses....they look a bit wonky but that adds to the charm. 
I have been using one at the beach for money.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and tried easy....and nice to do with children.

The owl keyrings are always popular at the farm.

In fact anything with an owl theme goes down well.

My latest makes in the tiny mouse department....

Children (and adults) seem to like the tiny creatures in boxes.
I`ve tried some autumn themed hedgehogs.
They have furry "spikes" and tiny knitted scarves

The owls in boxes are proving popular.

At my favourite haberdashers, Thimblinas, in Hastings, I couldn`t resist the patchwork fabric section or the lovely soft cotton.

I feel a few more crotchet purses coming on, and 
maybe another sunhat for Frazer,with an autumn theme.

Today the plastic bean bag beads arrived so I will be cutting out more "fireworks."
Here is one, with my newest great-nephew, Alfie Jim.

Well here I am at the end of the blog entry and the sun is trying to come out.


  1. Sounds like a busy day. Tomato sauce looks good.
    I love your crafts especially the little creatures in boxes.