Saturday, 15 August 2015

Little House Garden

Last year we created a garden leading down to the little house.

I have checked on it a couple of times since then.
I was quite disappointed late last year to find the sheep and rabbits had done their damage.
But I can now reveal which plants have made it through.
If you remember, we chose what were considered to be rabbit-proof plants.
We had some left-over geraniums so after a weeding, I planted them up.

These plants are so far rabbit proof....
iris, perenniel geraniums, ferns, Lady`s Mantle, foxgloves, myosotis, verbena boniarensis, feverfew, honeysuckle, borage, violets.
The perenniel geraniums have done particularly well.

I am also very pleased that the membrane covered in chipped bark has done its work very well, keeping brambles, nettles and bracken at bay.
I found a couple of feverfew  and borage plants around the bigger garden and put those in spaces.
There are plenty that have seeded themselves amongst the so-called leek bed.

I wonder whether it would be worth putting wire round this area in order to increase the types of plants we can grow.
Steve spent his time on the latest fencing round the shrub bed.

In the polytunnel things are looking very pretty with tomatoes tumbling under their own weight.

A couple of different views.....

The melons are swelling ...... several pointers to look for when you want to harvest.
The smell, the colour, the sound and a soft stalk end.
None seem to be quite there yet.
I am very proud of these melons.

In the far corner Anne`s bougainvillea is flowering for the first time.

The helichrysum (straw flowers) are drying well.
A young camper was thrilled when I gave her some in the week, especially 
when I told her they would last for ever.

Think this is a pumpkin.....not the best place considering the of those left-over plants that just got plonked in at the last minute.

The statice bunches are drying well in their gaudy groups.

Outside the temperature is more bearable and there are precious minutes for looking round.
A huge "building" of rooks flew over in full cry (what a strange group name!)

The harvest is prolific.
We are just about keeping on top of it.
Today I`ve made 4 more jars of home-made tomato sauce and frozen some.
I love this time of the year.


  1. Useful to know which are the rabbit proof plants. We may have to deal with some in our new garden. The melons are very impressive and I love the colours of your straw flowers. What will you do with them?

  2. We ate our first melon at Paula`s yesterday. It was delicious. I`ve made headbands and confetti from the strawflowers. Have you got any other ideas?