Monday, 24 August 2015

Spinning Jenny

Looks like I might become a spinning Jenny this autumn/winter.
I have been given a beautiful Hebridean spinning wheel, complete with stool 
and a bag full of wool to spin.

I learnt how to spin many years ago and in fact the scarecrow in the reception shed is wearing a jumper I span and knitted for Steve ages ago. It was dyed with tea.
I haven`t forgotten how to spin but I think I may need some help setting up the tensions correctly.

At the same time I was given an intriguing collection of wool which looks like an experiment in the colour pink. Some of it is destined to become pink owls(!!!)
Well....we will see what they turn out like.

The ladybirds are mysteriously moving around the garden.
I find them in all sorts of places.
Now there are 20 bees waiting to be hidden.

The cardoons in the garden are flowering at last. They are short plants. The ones we have at home are about 10 feet tall.  They attract bumblebees.They go mad for the pollen.

Teasels will also attract insects and later goldfinches love the seeds.
This one, along with the buddliea, has virtually taken over the butterfly garden.
Interestingly, I did not put it there.

My latest job was to remove the sweetpea row, always a sad reminder 
that the summer is coming to an end. All in all I think the sweetpeas have been a bit of a washout, due mainly, to the heat in early June.

There are quite a few bare areas now but we`ve purchased some green manure to sow.

Pumpkins are fattening up and the wallflowers are flourishing.

The beans have lots of flowers.

The pond surface is almost entirely covered....a good thing as far as stopping blanket weed is concerned but I`ve noticed we have got some duckweed.
The frogs are not so active but we do spot them now and again.

Looking ahead, as we gardeners need to do, here are some of the plants and shrubs ready to go in one of the beds after all the rain.
And a very reasonable that I can be sure they won`t get eaten.

In the meantime Pett Level is stunning, as always..


  1. What fun to have a spinning wheel. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.
    Still lots to enjoy in the garden and the sea looks lovely. Can't wait to find our own favourite local beach!

    1. I`m sure you will get as much enjoyment as we do near the sea.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes that one is in our own garden but I couldn`t resist putting it on. Some of the sunflowers at Freshwinds were blown over today.

  3. Replies
    1. I didn`t know you could comment on here Julia. It was a lovely surprise.