Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Rainbow Harvest

After a miserable Friday doing housework!!!!!
it was a delight to be at Freshwinds in glorious September sunshine.
And thank goodness for the yurters` sakes.
Lovely chat to a Portuguese family....we discussed dahlias, gladioli and statice.... which have the same names in both countries.
Here I am in amongst the dahlias....probably my favourite 
job at the moment.
Steve added more sedum plants to the edges of the cob shed roof to try and cover the black plastic.
The plants are very vigorous.
I completed the furthest hedge and was thoroughly stung by nettles for my pains. I trimmed the elder near the tortoises and cut back almost all the buddlieas.
The garden creates a great deal of waste at this time of the year.
There were masses of butterflies and bees around.

 The michaelmus daisies are starting to delight.
This season I must label every one for desirability as I shall be thinning them out.
Here is the latest toadstool table made from an old cable drum.
There was a heavy shower, so we stayed inside the polytunnel and had a clear-out.
A few tomatoes left....
....fantastic peppers....
...and one of the scarecrows.....the pole snapped so we 
brought her in.
The statice continues to dry.
Here is a bunch that I intend using for my flower festival posy.
The crab apples are turning a rich yellow.
The Fiesta apples are not quite ready to harvest.
 I am waiting til they come away easily with a gentle pull.
Back at home there was a very colourful harvest to sort.