Monday, 9 July 2018

Corfiot Creatures, Colour and Cuisine.

We`ve had a lovely holiday in Corfu .... one of our favourite Greek islands. The flight there is a short one .... always an advantage.

Beautiful views of the Alps in very early sunshine.

Our villa was close to Lake Korission and we could walk to the beach every day.
 It was a perfect spot for wind and kite surfing which we watched with great interest from the sands.
The dunes were dotted with sand lilies and eryngium.

Another advantage was the proximity of good restaurants ....  within walking distance.

We all love Greek food.
 Fresh fish.
 Greek salad.

Our villa garden was huge with lots of opportunity
 to view the wildlife.
Every evening we were enthralled to experience the swallow and housemartin display over the pool, sometimes narrowly missing our bobbing heads.
A family fledged on our first full day and learnt to swoop over the pool during the week. It was quite a sight.

The rainbow lizard came out every morning.
Startling colours.
This cricket tried to eat the olives on my plate.
A huge spider on a huge web just outside the villa gates.
 Paula spotted this 4 inch long cricket marching across the road when we were returning from the restaurant.
A fantastic sight. 
We were a little worried about cars coming by but it reached the other side safely.
 We think this is a type of magnolia. 
It had a delicious night-time scent.

And this is a cycad of some kind.

Wild flowers.

Cultivated flowers.
 In the meantime my brother James, was valiantly watering our garden nearly every day, as well as looking after his family and his own garden, in a heatwave.
Anne looked after Freshwinds Garden.
What a job they had, and of course, many thanks to both of them. 



  1. Ah, what lovely photos - fabulous insects and that lizard, what a beauty!

  2. It was difficult leaving the gardens in that heat. Poor Jamie.