Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Fairy Fun at Freshwinds 2018

On a sizzling Sunday we held our fairy and wizard day 
down at the farm.
Unfortunately there was a road closure on our main road and we may have lost potential customers.
There was nothing we could do.
I think I would be right in saying that those who did come, had a good time, as there has been great feed-back.

 I made my way down to the start of the trail and Anne added the last finishing touches before our first guests arrived.
I`m so glad that I had my sunhat and that I had liberally slapped on the suntan lotion.

The trail starts at the old willow tree, where everyone gets a wand and hears the story of how the fairies came to be there.

We pass the trolls bridge, 
where we peer cautiously over the side.
(One dad said he didn`t believe what his daughter was telling him until he had a look for himself, on the way back to the car.)
I thought that was very funny.

Next we come to the second willow tree....
there are plenty of nooks and crannies to peer into.


Some of the hollows are lit up.

Very tentatively we creep up to the witch`s hovel, just in case she is at home. Luckily she`s not, so we can have a sneaky look at all her belongings. We can`t get inside but no-one wants to go in anyway.

 We then make our way to the green man`s tree where Hollie is waiting to help everyone to decorate and activate their wands. 

Having an activated wand helps, as we approach the goblins` lair.
Luckily they are not at home either but I hear they have left some rather smelly pants hanging around.

Passing the lake, we wonder how many frogs and toads have been stolen for the witch`s spells.

We make our way up to the garden, past the tiny fairy village and the secret unicorns. I believe they disguise their magical horns during the day.  

The garden is waiting, with Tim and Archie doing tea and cakes from the converted horsebox, Paula helping children to decorate crowns and make bracelets, the fairy yurt for dressing up in or reading fairy books, fairy gardens to create and plenty of umbrellas and seats for relaxing. 

Claire is there doing face painting.

Everyone is relaxed and happy.
None more so than my great-nephew Aiden who loves the tortoises
so much. Later on when everyone has gone home, Anne lets him feed them with lettuce.

We are tired but happy and very glad to sit in the shade for tea.

We had a really great day. Many  thanks to everyone who came and to all those who helped.
We raised £260 and it will be going to the local charity 
"Friends of Fia." 


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