Thursday, 12 July 2018

Gladdy all Over

The Aldi gladdies are dotted all around the garden in great splashes of psychedelic colour.
What great value ... £1 per 50.

The other highlight is the black hollyhocks powdered with
dusty pollen. Such a pity that they suffer from rust. I am removing fallen dead leaves at every visit.

Sunflowers and dahlias are on the move.

Some of the cornflowers are burning out already. They just seem to run out of energy in the drought conditions.
I pulled these out.
But these ones will keep going if I continue to deadhead.
The hollowed log that I planted a few weeks ago is filling out nicely. In the orchard fruit moves on despite the lack of rain.


 In the polytunnel temperatures have reached 46 degrees.
 Here are the melons. It was cooler on Tuesday so I was able to prune out two trugs of growth from these plants. So far two melons have been netted.
 I`ve taken off the bottom leaves from most of the tomatoes, allowing more light to the ripening fruit.

I`ve not bothered to take out sideshoots or bottom leaves on these
Garden Pearl tomatoes.

Today`s harvest.
I think the garden is coping well with the drought.


  1. Looking good. I will definitely give glads another go next year. They all got thrip last year ☹

  2. just cut back a Lupin smothered in sticky residue from aphids. Found one on my vest top as big as housefly.

  3. Those gladi are great - what a bargain!

  4. Yes every year I get a fantastic display. Ones at home are not so good.