Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Donkeys` Teabreak

The weather has been utterly lovely. Temperatures have been getting up into the high teens. We`ve been out in t.shirts and shorts working. We`ve seen butterflies, bees and even ants today.
Celandines and primroses are out in the lane.

Today at the farm, the farrier was there to shoe the horses. Everyone was sitting in the sunshine outside the stables.

I set to on one of the flower beds. I started it in the autumn so the worst of the clearing was over. But the back edge needed a new wooden edge so I got that in place. Then the rabbit wire had to be more secure. The soil was turning over very well. Trowelling was quite a pleasure. I did not finish however.
I am pleased to say that the bed is a blank canvas apart from some spurges that need a better position.
This afternoon I chose quite a few plants from home which I have earmarked for this space.
The next bed along is up for the same
working over.
Steve was busy spreading the last of the manure and Paula cleaned up the gladioli corms ready for planting later. And she watered in some verbena boniarensis plants I`d put in earlier.

We sat outside in glorious sunshine for our teabreak.
The donkeys joined us.
Luckily Paula shared her apple otherwise we wouldn`t have had anything to give them.
Anyway they were a very welcome sight.

 The red knobs of rhubarb are showing.
And the pink willow is flowering.
All in all a  lovely visit.