Monday, 16 September 2019

Crabapples and Tatty Corners

The season is coming to an end but the garden continues to look lovely. There are large pockets of stunning colour and large pockets of tatty corners to clear but we are working through.
I dismantled the sweetpea row which is always a sad task, remembering all the fragranced posies we`ve had.
I pulled out a lot of gladioli to dry in the polytunnel.
Apart from needing to clear the space, I think they would survive the winter in the ground.
I harvested statice and helichrysum.
I have been experimenting with wreaths made from dried flowers.
(more later)

I am thinking of trying some crabapple jelly this year. They are full of pectin and can be used to set more difficult jams such as strawberry.

The verbena boniarensis has been attracting many butterflies.
Forgetmenots have seeded all over the place including our outside teabreak area. What a sight that will be.
 The michaelmus daisies are just beginning to colour up.
Loved by insects in late summer.

Alice and Rosie waiting for people to go and say hallo.
More colour still hanging on.

And evidence of great celebrations.

Plenty to do as we move into autumn. The 
weather has been wonderful and long may it continue.


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