Monday, 23 September 2019

Wonky Sunflowers and Autumn Fruit

My craft seems to have a decidedly autumny feel.
Colours and creatures. 
I took several craft packs away on holiday.
Some fine patchwork. Toadstools. Little foxes.
The patchwork I made up into little over the shoulder bags when I got home.
They are perfect for a mobile phone and a small purse.
I, at last used up the last bits of miniature patchwork hanging around since last winter.

Two of the foxes now have little beds of their own.
Here are the other two. They are tiny.
There are several teds in boxes.

And some teddies with bright scarves.
With hallowe`en creeping up, a few timely makes.

On Saturday down at Freshwinds, we pruned the willow arch and spent the rest of the time there stripping the willow and sorting it into sizes. I brought home the thinnest whips and spent yesterday evening forming them into willow rings. I actually made my fingers quite sore but I ended up with 9. 
I am proud to say I needed no wires.
The crop of helichrysum flowers has been amazing this year.
Here are just a few.
 I have made hay rings bound together with garden string.
These I have covered with flowers using a hot glue gun.

What with the apple harvest collected and tomatoes left to ripen, the garden room is very colourful.

The house is full of flowers.
 And of course the wonky sunflowers.
 They just keep flowering and flowering due in the main to being multi-headed and our continuous dead-heading.

After a lovely day in the garden, it was raspberries and yoghourt for pudding. Delicious.
Happy days.

The Macmillan Coffe Morning is being held at Pett Village Hall on Friday from 10 until 1. I shall be having a craft stall there.
Perhaps I will see some of you.


  1. That's a great post, lovely photos. The tidy teddies are cute but the Halloween makes are my faves. I ate a cake on behalf of Macmillan, hope your sale went well

  2. All the pumpkins were sold and only a few spiders now.