Saturday, 28 September 2019

September Swansong

Oh the garden was beautiful today, colourful, warm, buzzing with bees and fluttering with the odd butterfly.
It was a joy to be there.
Along with quite a few campers.

Anyone who watched Gardeners World last night, will agree with the feel-good factor of being outdoors .... and how great it is for mental health.
Gardening was often my life-saver when I was teaching full-time for 40 years. I can`t imagine life without it.  

We started the session by moving the nursery table indoors, then I planted up the trough with odd daf bulbs and forgetmenots. It looks a bit sad but will soon perk up with all the rain we`re having.

And a very significant moment of the year when the scarecrows come indoors.

The polytunnel is a lot clearer now, though it was hard to take out the tobacco plants and French marigolds.
I cleared the corner of stakes, canes and posts.
How come so much was dumped in there!!!
I took about 3 barrowloads to the cob shed.
Now we have a nice cosy corner for
our teabreaks through the winter.

I picked the quince ....
..... and crabapples.
I intend making jelly tomorrow as it`s going to rain.

 The garden is beginning to look neater.
And oh the Michaelmus daisies .... wow. 
How I love them.


The dahlias were so popular at the Macmillan Coffee morning yesterday.
 I could have sold them twice over. 

The final job was to cut the willow poles to an even size, bundle them up and they are propped up ready to go indoors later.

A delightful morning.


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