Monday, 4 November 2019

Fairies by the Fireside

On Saturday the weather was atrocious .... 
strong winds, torrential rain.
Anne reassured me that the new fencing was intact.

My first idea was to tidy my extensive bead collection.
It was a mess.
But first of all I lit the fire.
Then I spread the contents out all around me.

 I soon got way-laid.
I began piecing bits together for fairies.


I always start by choosing beads for the legs and arms.
It is fine work and needs good light.
Artificial flower petals are threaded on.
I got a bit involved and ended up making 22
 flower fairies.
The final jobs involved sewing the petals in place and adding wings.

Some will be for sale at the craft fair in the village on 
7th. December. 

And best of all I did go on to tidy the bead box.
It was a nice cosy way to spend a wet, miserable day.



  1. Apparently the collective noun for fairies is 'a herd' - that doesn't sound right at all! I'd prefer to call it 'a flock'. Whatever, you certainly have it there! Pretty - especially the ones that look like fuchsia

  2. I went o to make a total of 30 fairies. Bead collection still not completely fi ished but well on it's way. Having a break tonight.