Thursday, 19 December 2019

Jingle Bells and Rainbow Bears

Christmas is coming up quickly.
Preparations are in hand for Carols in the Barn, always a lovely occasion. Let`s hope it doesn`t rain this year.
Friday 20th December at 6.30.

I am busy making last minute home-made gifts.
Robin Hood cowls.
Cookery aprons.
Crochet fairies.
Steve is busy making wooden things .... a hedgehog house and a wooden teething horse for my newest great-nephew. 
(no pictures yet)
These jingle bells are designed to be worn on the ankles or wrists.
I`ve made them for lots of our little ones.
These two teddies have been made for two new Christmas babies.
The wool is lovely and changes colour quickly.
I`ve crocheted these teddies whilst watching silly Christmas films on rainy afternoons.
On 7th. December I had a craft stall at the village hall for
the Craft Fair. 
It was a 5 hour stint which was rather a long time, especially as I had left Steve loading a trailer with hardcore and I`d much rather have been helping him.
Thank goodness for friends and family who came and helped pass the time away.
I sold quite a bit.


The rain has seemingly been never-ending but the autumn jobs in our own garden have come to a good resting place for Christmas. 
The wall is demolished and the hardcore carted away (thanks Tim), the new fencing is up, the rest of the birch is down (thanks Andy) and the new greenhouse has arrived. 
Steve has been splitting the logs which we are now burning.

Looking ahead to the new year, there will be plenty to think about when the festivities are over.
At the next coffee morning we hope to be giving people a few ideas on how to recycle their Christmas cards with some crafty projects.
Here`s one idea.
The cards are cut to shape, stuck back to back, punched and sewn together. I like to fill them with sweets.
A very retro craft.

Hope to see some of you in the barn tomorrow.


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