Friday, 6 December 2019

Festive Wreaths and Nordic Pines

My goodness its been a busy time for us.
Someone laughingly asked if the gardens had been "put to bed."
I laughingly replied a resounding "NO!!!" 

At home our jobs seem to be coming together at last, with the leaning wall demolished, our tree surgeon coming and a new greenhouse arriving next week. 
By the sound of the rain beating against the window, not much will be going on outdoors today.

Our last visit to Freshwinds was to collect greenery for the wreath making at the coffee morning.
Cypress Lleylandi and holly.
In the late afternoon we went to Harborough Nursery to choose our Christmas tree.
It was a lovely sunny day. The nursery was welcoming, with a cheerful, wide fire pit burning, surrounded by seating areas.
This is a local nursery and you can walk down to the field and choose your own tree. I was glad I was wearing wellies.
We chose our tree and waited for Fred with the chainsaw.
It was delightful standing there with views over the beautiful trees, the sun warming our backs and the evocative smell of pine.
I did have slight pangs when the tree was cut.
In the plant area there were huge pieces of lopped pine branches.
For a donation you could help yourself for wreath making.
This I did.
At the weekend I showed my niece-in-law how to make her first wreath. It was a great success and she was very happy.
She was a guinea pig really.
On Wednesday we set up a wreath making table at the coffee morning. This went well with 5 people having a go, some for the first time. I was glad about the number who tried as we could have run out of greenery.
Anna brought extra and Anne had dried orange slices.
We used the willow rings I had made earlier in the year from prunings.
It was a lovely festive activity and enjoyed by all.


It was great to see people using creative talents and adding their own artistic touches.
Thanks for the idea Joanne.

At home my brother asked me to make a wreath as a raffle prize for the school Christmas Fair.
Here it is.
It is based on a strengthened hay ring and it smells of cinnamon.
And now its off to a rather late Christmas pudding making session.
and later the Christmas tree will be placed in situ. 
I might even make a few more wreaths ha ha.

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