Monday, 20 January 2020

Teds in Beds and Old Nests

What jobs need doing in a garden in January?
Answer: Things you can`t fit in at other times of the year.

Such as .... clearing round the insect hotel.

 The hotel was built in 2017 and the area was bordered with sawn logs. These logs are now rotting down and need replacing.
 Another job ....moving posts back to their usual area.
Moles are busy. They don`t worry me too much. We will flatten the hills when its drier.


On the left hand picture you can see they have tunnelled along the chipped bark path.
 Nesting birds are on our minds.
Here is the new robin nesting box now hung in the cob shed.
Due to the bare hedge, its possible to see old nests.
This one is in the hornbeam hedge.
This is the wren`s nest in the eaves of the cob shed.
Helleborus and spurge flowering and providing the only colour in the garden at the moment.


But later, at the end of the day, the sky was quite incredible.

And here are a couple of completed teds in sleeping bags.



  1. Lovely cloud photo. I don't mind moles much either. I like that the earth in their molehills always looks so fresh

  2. So nice to see your comments. My viewing has been down a bit.