Friday, 24 January 2020

The 12th Ladybird and a Plastic Carrot

The days are very dull and grey but it hasn`t stopped us getting on with the latest jobs.
Today we pushed on with the hidden path behind the polytunnel, getting very sweaty in the process.
Nearly there now.
The uneven ground needed levelling due to deep rabbit holes and tunnels.
We removed lots of mucky plastic, as well as matted nettle roots.
The area is now ready for a half fence to finish off the compost corner.
Steve managed to get the second and third willow root out.
It was good to walk to the compost area on a wider path.
During work, I disturbed a toad. I put him 
carefully onto a heap.
Bright new cushion covers adorn the chairs as well as new bunting .... all made from a recycled French tablecloth, bought some time in the early 2000`s.

I`m hoping it won`t fade as much as the clothes of the scarecrow, who is due for a make-over this spring.
I found the twelfth elusive ladybird and added it to the collection along with a plastic carrot!! I`ve no idea where that came from.


 We came home with a lovely harvest of sprouts and leeks.



  1. You're good, this grey weather has been too uninviting for us to do any outdoor work. Love your painted chairs

  2. Our names are fading .... unlike us. Need to take some paint with me next time.