Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Fairy with a Funny Face

It was my intention to make three fairies that would be flying over the garden in the warmer months.
I didn`t get far into the project before realising three was a bit ambitious. So I`ve ended up with one.
And her face is a little peculiar. Anne very kindly called it characterful, but I think I am going to have to change it.

I`ve seen some lovely ideas on Pinterest but I ended up doing it my own way, copying the much smaller version I make with wire and beads, just on a bigger scale.

I gathered the things I thought I would need. 

I made the body first by winding old stockings round garden wire, keeping the limbs very spindly.
I used nearly all the old stockings I had.
Then I formed the head. I felt this had gone quite well til Steve told me it looked like a potato!!!
I know what he means though.
The "sculpting" of the head is an art, where one lump of stuffing in the face  can turn it from beautiful into ugly.
The next stage  .....
 ..... and the next .....
..... and the next.
The wig took a whole evening.

 I sewed on the button eyes and tried to form a nose but it looks a little screwed up. 
I am worried about unpicking due to the fragility of the

For now she will stay as she is until I gather the patience to unpick my stitching.

Here she is in the garden earlier next to the magnolia.



  1. She looks ok. She looks like she's wrinkling her nose

  2. Ha ha thank you. She reminds me of a little girl I had in my class years ago.