Thursday, 5 March 2020

Fairies on the Fringe

Recently, whilst doing my usual clearing out, I came across this old fringing. I`ve had it for some time.
I felt the tassels looked like fairy skirts with even a bodice ready-made.
 The tassels were a bit tangled so I cut them away from the braid, strung them on wire and suspended over a pan of boiling water. I then just shook them out.
Next I gathered stiff string, flower beads, crinkly hair and wooden beads.
I threaded the lot together, getting myself into a comfy rhythm to produce 20 fairies.
I think they have an antique feel about them.
 And there`s plenty more fringing left if I want to make more.
Here they are outside the newly refurbished fairy house, giving it the once-over.
And here they are trying out the newly refurbished gypsy caravan.
I`ve had a lot of fun doing it and trying to ensure items are weather-proof.