Friday, 20 March 2020

Kingcups and Fairy Hammocks

The grass continues to grow and grow.
At home we strimmed it before we mowed it, otherwise I don`t think the mower would have coped.
Next time we go to Freshwinds we will take the strimmer plus a few spare batteries.

On Wednesday we paid a visit after quite a few days away.
 I added a few more items to the fairy garden.

A hammock and an arch.

 The damson blossom was fully out.  Always so early.

The blues have it at the moment.

We filled the last dip in the area behind the polytunnel and with four loads of chipped bark and some old carpet, completed the path.
It looks great. 

I began weeding a veggie bed ..... all sorts coming up .... a myriad of poppies of all kinds, feverfew, old gladioli bulbs etc
The grass at the edge was so long that after I`d cut it to define the bed edge it was yellow underneath.

What a joyful sight the kingcups are
and what a joy to be in the great outdoors.


  1. Aww, that little hammock! Sweet.
    The chill east wind is keeping us away from the plot today, but we really need to do some work there!

    1. I was wondering how you are managing. Will send you a separate message on messenger.