Wednesday, 15 April 2020

A Walk on the Wild Side

We are creatures of habit, but today we decided to go off the beaten track for a much longer walk.
I took photos of the wonderful diversity of wild flowers we have in this part of the countryside.
It would be a very long blog entry if I include them all so I will choose the best.

We walked right down the lane until we came to the watermill area, wondering at the lane`s sandstone sides from which it has been cut in places. Despite the dryness, the stream that once fed the watermill was running fast. 
In the lane .....
unfurling ferns, scally anne (umbrellifer), dandelion, and I think wild garlic.

We cut up a footpath and around a field, eventually coming to this stunning sight.
 I don`t remember seeing primroses like this 
since I was a child.

I believe this year is a very good year for primroses.
We came out onto the lane once more, climbed a steep bank then the path skirted a field planted up with wheat perhaps. 
The views back to Guestling Wood, the field alongside and other woods full of blossom, was stunning, as was the birdsong.
As we rounded the corner we were astonished to see a quite substantial landslide, but not before we had spotted these orchids, on the very brink.

Any more rain and they might go over.
Already the bluebell bulbs had slid over and had flowered where they landed.
There were ominous cracks across the path. This is the result of the continuous wet weather throughout the winter months.
And there I will stop as I have enough photos to do another blog entry tomorrow.


  1. Look at all those lovely flowers, especially the orchid - beautiful and now I'll read beyond the landslide...

  2. I took lots of photos for the people who are stuck indoors.