Thursday, 16 April 2020

Jumping Streams and Fallen Bridges

After having seen the landslide, we rounded the corner to find a stunning area of wild flowers.
Here are just some of the flowers we saw there.
Daisy, wild thyme, celandines, scarlet pimpernel,

The woodland area surrounding the site of the old watermill seemed to be full of wild cherry trees.

We passed the huge ponds which have been cut off for some years, to protect wildlife... I think it must have been a holding area for the watermill.

As we rounded this field, we could see a bank of bluebells in the far distance so we headed towards those.
What a sight!
 We crossed a wide bridge, obviously not quite wide enough for the tractor!
Our next obstacle was a deep stream, cut to drain the fields I suppose. Before I knew it Steve had jumped across which I thought was too foolhardy for me, seeing as the other side was thick stinging nettles, so I found an easier way over and Steve helped me up the other side to save getting stung. 

Throughout the walk we were either accompanied by robins or butterflies.

We walked the field that borders the length of Guestling Wood, with Guestling Church higher up the field on our right.

We entered the wood, to drifts of bluebells as far as the eye could see, by then, starving hungry and ready for a rest.

And so home for a lovely lunch in the garden room and a long snooze, after 6k and 9000 steps.

Here are a few more photos from the memorable walk.
Milkmaids, red campion, anemones, violets, celandines.

How lucky we are to live here, such a beautiful area.


  1. That is beautiful. I'll miss the bluebells this year, but look forward to discovering them again in 2020!

  2. These areas are quiet and undisturbed. Not many people know about them.