Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Positivity amongst the Uncertainty

What strange times we are going through ....
self isolation
keeping our distance
only going out for exercise
food deliveries
And some people are going through such sad times.
And some are on the front-line.

 I have been obsessed by daily numbers and graphs but today I have decided not to look any more. 
Just as I am not watching too much news.

I am knitting squares.

Some are for the WI to make up into dressing gowns and some are going to be made into a lap blanket.

The village coffee morning had to be cancelled so we had a virtual one on the village facebook page.
People took photos of themselves with books, knitting and coffee and posted it up.
Quite a few people did it and it was nice to keep in contact.

I am gardening.
The weather has been wonderful.

This is my cold frame with bedding almost ready to go out.

I have been writing dozens of cards and letters.

These are my home-made cards.
I have been writing poems for the family.

 I am writing memories and articles for the local history archive.

I am doing tai chi, yoga and going for walks in the wood. Luckily for us it is just over the road.

All along the village, there are teddies in the windows for children to spot as they walk with their parents on their daily exercise. At the last count I think it was over 100.
How the children must be enjoying this activity.

Positivity amongst the uncertainty.


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