Monday, 27 April 2020

Sparkling Seas and White Orchids

During lock-down, the seaside has been a bit out of bounds.
 I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms.
So last weekend we decided to walk to Pett Level.
Oh it was a lovely day.
It took us about 45 minutes and 45 minutes back.

Our village was looking lovely with wild flowers spilling onto the verges, bright pink camellias and clematis dripping over walls and fences. 
We used the newish footpath which is much safer .... on one side, sheep with their little lambs and Fairlight Church in the far distance.
 At the top of Chick Hill we saw the sea sparkling in front of us, as we have done many times before. But this time I felt somewhat emotional and as if to endorse that feeling we found these beautiful orchids.

We came to the Military Canal and walked along the right hand side, cutting across to the old Smugglers.
We walked slowly up the ramp, savouring the moment.
And then there it was in all its glory and we had it almost entirely to ourselves.

We crunched along the shingle enjoying the salty air and just being there.
We doubled back after a quick snack, mindful of not hanging around for too long.

We managed Chick Hill (25% gradient) quite easily. We feel rather fit after all our walking.

I was minded of my 4 year old self, walking up the hill with my Mum and Dad and Paula, my sister, no doubt being carried, to wait at the bus stop, sitting on the grassy bank, tired after a day on the beach.
It is a very strong memory.
These were the days before we had a car.

When we did get a car, my Mum always preferred to sit in the back, mainly due to Chick Hill. The cars we had then were unlikely to make it to the top without stopping and we would have to make a re-run. Mum sat with her hands over her eyes, she was fearful of rolling backwards.
Young people with cars today, have no idea.
Here is that bus turning point, still used today for our somewhat infrequent bus service.

Coming back through the village, we made our way home for an elongated lunch break.

How lucky we are to live so close to the sea and how hard it is not to visit so regularly.
Pett Level means a lot to us for all kinds of reasons.


  1. Hi Jen,
    Sooo jealous, what we would give to walk from Pett to the beach. So looking forward to the day we return. "Blossom" was out on the allotment last week - our little taste of Pett. Julie x

  2. So nice to hear from you. I was only thinking of you two yesterday and wondered how you were getting on.

    1. We are both getting on well thanks Jen. Just missing you all down in our favourite place. We look forward to seeing you asap. J and J xx