Saturday, 22 August 2020

Campers and Cute Chicks

 The garden was literally swarming with happy campers today, and in the face of high winds.

I was expecting to find sunflowers down but actually only a few ties needed tightening. It is important to keep dead-heading the muliti-headed ones to lessen the weight.

I picked helichrysum heads 

And I bunched up statice. These are the everlasting flowers.

Lots of lovely weeding after the rain. A lot of plants looking tatty and quite honestly best on the compost heap.

Just before we left Hollie brought the four new chicks along with their mum.
They caused a lot of ooohs and aaahs.

There are three figs on the little potted tree.
The pumpkins have finished growing in most cases.
The pond is covered in duck weed due to lack of coverage. I've fished some out but hopefully there will be a balance soon.
One of the most beautiful things around is the sunflower seedheads.
Happy days.


  1. Lovely! But that duckweed! So annoying

  2. Once the surface is covered more, it shouldn't be a problem.