Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Giants and Willow Circles

 We have just returned from a wonderful couple of nights in the Owl yurt. The sun was out. The garden looked glorious. Our family had a great time.

The first thing we did was go to admire the new giant who can be found on the fairy trail.

Tim has recently created him and he's looking for a name. My family loved him.

We enjoy the Owl Yurt setting with its large sitting area, under an oak covered in acorns, a swing hanging tantalisingly from its branches, the sound of owls calling in the night, the peacefulness.

And not far away; the woods where we collect the kindling and climb fallen trees, 

Freshwinds Garden where we collect veggies and eat icecreams, the barn where we give Florence apples. 

In the early evening we light the campfire and get the bbq going. There are songs and stories round the embers  goodies to share such as toasted marshmallows.

 The project for those few days was the willow circle. It was here that we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in 2014.

We trimmed the over-grown willow, saving the best whips for wreaths. Then we pulled it down into loops held in by cable ties due to the strength of the willow.

The next day we finished off the entry tunnel and finally decorated with willow rings and God's eyes plus a few pompoms.

Very many thanks to Anne and Tim for our lovely experience. The children and ourselves will never forget these holidays.

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