Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Sunflowers in the Sunshine

 Wow the weather has been amazing. Most of our gardening is done early morning or late in the evening. At midday we are to be found flaked out in the shade with plenty of drinks to hand. Mid-afternoon we can be found at the beach where there is a cooling breeze coming off the sea. The sea is warmer and we enjoy spotting the seal who comes up to investigate.

The sunflowers are good this year. Giants such as Goliath are spectacular but what can beat the multi-headed ones. This one has over 50 heads which beats my previous 27. It is self-seeded.

People have been admiring them as they pass through the garden.

The name of this one is not Teddy Bear as I first thought, but Sun King. The huge flower head lasts ages.
Yesterday, as we sat in the mini-orchard for our teabreak the view across the garden was very colourful.
We picked the plums so I will be jam-making this morning.
The plum tree was pruned of its lowest and highest branches but left me dripping.

The butterflies were busy on the buddleia. They are Meadow Browns I believe.

There has been a spectacular storm in the night which has left the gardens damp and ready for a good feed. This will help annuals etc to last out for longer. 
The garden smells wonderful after rain.


  1. Ooh, I hope we get 50 heads on our multi-header! That is great.
    That’s a comma butterfly not a meadow brown (every day’s a school day 😁)
    The storm, as usual, circled around Hungerford, but nice to hear the thunder

  2. Thanks for putting me right. I am getting lazy in the heat. Should have looked it up.