Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A New Project

Back in March the little house arrived.
Here is my blog entry about it.

Since then it has been settled down in the field just below the garden.

 It is in a delightful spot with views across the grassy meadows and towards the setting sun.

A path has been cut which links the little house to the farm buildings.

This whole area will be our latest project.

I don`t think it will be easy but it will most certainly be a challenge!!
Because......we are turning it into a garden

The soil is mostly clay and it`s already hard.

The bank is pockmarked with rabbit holes, some of which I believe to be tunnels that terminate in our garden!!

Any planting needs to be rabbit-proof, mainly be able to fend for itself and be in partial shade.

The bank will be cleared of brambles, the rabbit problem dealt with and then tiered beds 
made with logs.

Anne asked us to buy the plants. What a pleasure!
Well I did my homework....researched shade-loving, rabbit-proof plants.
On Saturday we had a most enjoyable visit to Staplecross Nursery near Sedlescombe.

Don`t think I have ever had so much money to spend on plants at one go.
The nursery owners were most helpful.

Can`t wait to get started.

Planting list next time.


  1. It is going to look amazing, I can't wait to see it all finished :) x x x

  2. Today we have cleared the brambles, nettles and dead leaves. Good job we were in the shade. Are you coming for the barn dance Gem?