Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Wildlife at Fairlight End

The garden party at Fairlight End was a delightful occasion. The weather was perfect despite huge grey clouds passing right overhead. The large marquee was pitched on the lawns with green vistas to Fairlight.

Large round tables were laid with snowy white cloths and cascading garden flowers. Wine, Pimms and beer were flowing freely. We met up with old friends from the village, and spent a lovely afternoon catching up on news and putting the world to rights. We met new people and found lots of mutually interesting topics.
The food was delicious, lots home-grown and home cooked.
The icing on the cake was another slow wander round the stunning gardens....the lake teeming with wildlife, the meadows dotted with butterflies and the productive kitchen garden.

Many thanks to Robin and Chris for the invitation.

On our leisurely walk I took quite a few photos.
Here is a selection.

Cinnabar caterpillars on ragwort.

Monstrous dragonflies on the lake laying their eggs.

 Marsh frogs in their bright green finery.

 Birds Foot Trefoil in the meadows, known to us as Shoes and stockings (when we were children.)

What better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

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