Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Little House Garden

After all the rain, it seemed like a good idea to make a start on the new garden beside the little house.
In my previous post......

.........we began by clearing the brambles and nettles.
This time the ground was easy to work and we constructed the retaining walls from logs.
It was quite an art to choose the right log for the right place .... a lot of them needed to have curves in the correct places.
It was hard work but most satisfying.

Here is the first layer.

Some logs had to be sawn to shape.

Here is the second layer.

We raked the soil, to graduate the bank, by quite a bit. 
We don`t want the soil to wash away in the first wet weather.

This is the huge pile of chipped bark which we will use after planting, 
probably with a weed membrane down first.

When I blog the planting, I will attach a list of the plants I use.
We still need to buy more.
I have also collected foxglove seedlings from the strawberry patch, potted them up and they have made good plants. This is an ideal spot for foxgloves.


  1. It's looking really beautiful! Have just been catching up on all your posting I've missed recently.

  2. It is going to look great. It will definitely need some solar lights mixed in there too :) I can't wait to see if in all its glory once it's complete x x x x

    1. Solar light are a great idea plus we`re thinking about some log sculptures.

  3. Thanks Belinda. We`ve enjoyed doing it, though it seems to have been spread over quite a lot of time, due to all the family celebrations that are going on.