Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Survival of the Fittest and the Fenced

It`s interesting to take stock of what has managed to survive up to this point in the year.
Now is the time for harvesting and quuite honestly I  am surprised that we are harvesting anything.

The weather has been fine but the set-backs have been myriad: - escaped sheep and the worst infestation of rabbits I have ever encountered.
This year`s wild areas are not a patch on the previous years.

The corn marigolds don`t seem to have been affected.

This area has been well-protected until right into July. Somehow it defeats the purpose of a garden when it has to be covered for such a long time. It needs to be seen.
I am keeping the cornflowers dead-headed.

The Hatings Runners had a party in the garden at the weekend. Think some of it had to be undercover.

We worked in the polytunnel before it got too hot. Even so, it was pretty unbearable after an hour.
Things have gone mad in there and we had to cut back pumpkins. We`re wondering how much fertilisation is going on in there and whether we ought to do it artificially.

 We`re going to have 
a good crop of tomatoes.
I picked a good dahlia colour to keep indoors.
We filled one of the middle beds and put in sweetcorn, broad beans and peas. 
We hope these will go on well into the autumn.
Outside the cabbage patch has at last taken off after such a bad start.

Left is now, right is in June.
I planted some iris corms in a spare patch.
This especially for Mary W.

Some of my latest crafts.

Some harvested lavender ready to spread out to dry.

The flower arrangement I created for Frazer`s baptism on Sunday.

And here he is with his blond curls.

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