Friday, 4 July 2014

Fabulous Floral Friday

As a gardener I often find myself having to be thinking in advance 
eg. ordering plugs or bulbs well in advance, and therefore it seems as if we are always 
one jump ahead of ourselves.
So it is with great pleasure that I can take time out, just to "be" in my own garden, once in a while.
Today I have done just that, albeit with a camera in my hands.

Mesembryanthemums, nemesia and ageratum in the background.....all grown from seed.
A good tip for dead-heading mesembryanthemums, is to do it early morning or late evening when the flowers are closed. It is then easy to see which ones are finished.

These are my double petunia plugs from Gardeners Direct. They are perfumed as well.
To keep these going we dead-head regularly every couple of days.
And feed of course. We use Miraclegro.

Some people are very snooty about marigolds but I think they are wonderful. They are a fantastic splash of colour in full sunshine and they just keep going all through the summer and well into the autumn.

The only downside to these beautiful hollyhocks grown from seed, is the rust disease that leaves orange pustules on the lower leaves which causes them to die early. 
I have to keep taking off these leaves. And they should be burnt.

Steve has made me more permanent posts for the fairy garden sign. My newest sedums are underneath.

The herb garden might need an overhaul in the autumn but it is looking fine for now.

The path edges are lined with annuals which makes good close-up viewing.
It does have to be kept in control!!

Cornflowers in different colours, poppies which seeded 
themselves and mauve sidalcea.

The dahlias have just started flowering.

Roses are still growing strongly.

Inula, like a glowing sun.

In the front garden the window boxes have filled out.

Over-wintered geraniums and more petunia plugs in a hanging basket by the front door.

Schizanthus or Poor Man`s Orchid.


I grew these from seed. They can be a bit touchy but they have done very well this year.

Nicotiania or Tobacco Plant.
They smell delightful.

I have had to tie this lavender up to the rose arch as it is flopping around a bit.

The sweetpeas are coming into their own, though I have had to keep checking for greenfly. When I spot them I fill a handsprayer with soapy water (washing up liquid) and spray them. It keeps them in control.
At this present time there are 14 vases of flowers in the house!!!
And every room I go into smells of sweetpeas.....lovely.

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