Sunday, 8 February 2015

Black Gold

After a cold, miserable day yesterday, yes the sun shone all day today. Hooray!
We went to the garden and spent an hour and a half there. It was perfect for digging.......crumbly and breaking up nicely. I decided to make a start on the compost heaps but not before saying hello to the chickens with a few worms.

Anne told us later that the cockerel is making rather a lot of noise, but his plumage is quite stunning.

We were also very happy to see the sedum has so far survived the winter and has turned colour.

After removing the top layer of the compost, I got down to the nitty gritty and it was pretty good. Did not get to the bottom though. It was jolly hard work but kept me warm.

Steve made a start on one of the big beds and we were able to spread our own compost there.

There was enough for the raised bed at one end. It still needs spreading.

The little orchard is to become a mini-zoo this year.

It will be fenced off and the bunnies and guinea pigs 
be inside the enclosure.

For a change of activity, I tidied up the alstromeria bed.

The grass seems very uneven, with molehills popping up all over.

All in all, a good start to the working year. It was really the first active day of the year as far as the garden is concerned. 
Lots to do and lots of exciting plans to fulfill.
More later.

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