Saturday, 7 February 2015

Champing at the Bit

I am beginning to champ at the bit. 
We woke to lovely sunshine but after doing yoga and eating breakfast it disappeared!!
The plan was to get to Freshwinds and start some of those last winter jobs such as emptying the compost bins or having a bonfire.

I had to be satisfied with making my seed list from the Kings catalogue......always good value. 
But the total soon added up. Ha ha. 

My cousin Joanne, (she of Lorne Hill Quilts on my sidebar) nominated  me for the Art Challenge on facebook.
Since I keep my facebook friends group very small, I thought I would post the crafts on my blog, as she has done.
Joanne and I share the same Granny Magan, and she was such an inspiration to me as a child with her embroidery and her crochet.
I think she may warrant a whole blog post.

Well here are my latest may have seen some before.

Day 1

Bunting made from an old outdoor tablecloth, patchwork pincushions made from scraps and tiny patchwork bags, again using all my floral scraps.

Day 2


The blue patchwork dog was made using scraps of Liberty fabrics given to me by Patsy, who is over 90 years old. The hedgehog was a Xmas present kit from my nephew Toby and his wife Amanda. And the Scottie dog was made with some old tartan fabric that`s been around for ages.

Day 3
Some of you may remember that it was Anne who introduced me to sock toys. I have never looked back.

Day 4


New arrival expected in June, so plenty of knitting and crochet going on from the great aunts and grannies. 
Fingerless gloves using scraps of bright wool.

Day 5

As it`s the last day, I have posted 4 pieces.....Paddington Bear, nursery rhyme characters, another crochet blanket and another patchwork blanket in case it is a girl.

All in all a great challenge which I`ve really enoyed.
Thank you for nominating me Joanne and thanks to my dear Granny Magan for her patience and enthusiasm. 

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