Thursday, 23 July 2015

Collapsed Cucumbers and Crazy Paving

A long, busy morning at Freshwinds with a list of 24 jobs to start upon.
We got through 10 and some that were not written down.
The ground is too dry to plant anything and some plants are beginning to suffer.

Everything needs a good drenching
and we might get it tomorrow.

In the polytunnel I found a collapsed cucumber. I tried to hoist it up, replacing the broken string.
It looks a bit sorry for itself.

The reason was not clear until I found no less than 7 cucumbers which I had missed.

Here are a few of them.

Tomatoes are coming on. The best for taste .... is Harbinger.

We also harvested out first aubergine. It was lovely when it was roasted.

The polytunnel is a good place to be as long as it`s not too hot.

The bigger melons are now supported in old fruit nets.
There are about 5 now.

 A swathe of  annuals on the edge of the onion patch.

The helichrysum are flowering their hearts out, ready for me to make real flower headbands.

The compost heaps have new fronts and that helps keep it all in.

This is the cornflower path.

The lavatera is stunning.

Our crazy paving in the cob shed.

The tools will all have their own place in this shed.

I trimmed the hornbeam hedge.

My latest owls. They are one-offs. Each one is different and unlikely to be ever repeated.

At home I`ve been experimenting with different toys.....bunnies, 
crotcheted and knitted teddy bears. I followed the pattern for the crotchet buny but made the knitted one up as I went along. I prefer it.

And meanwhile Mabel looks down on us all.

Only 9 days til the opening!!!!


  1. Today's rain should help! Assuming we're all getting this drenching!
    I love the crazy paving and the pretty bright owls - beautiful!

  2. Yes we`ve got it plus thunder and lightening. It`s a really good downpour and should make a great difference to our gardens especially before the open day next Sunday.

  3. Everything looks splendid. I love the blue cornflowers.

    1. They need constant dead-heading but are truly worth it. They are commented on all the time. One flower that everyone seems to know.