Thursday, 11 February 2016

Romantic Castle

Scotney Castle is set in rolling Kentish countryside....and we have never been there!!!
We have passed it by many times as it`s on the A21.
We`ve often said, one day we must go there. Today was the day, much encouraged by our National Trust membership, bought for our Christmas present from Paula, Jamie and Julia.
The weather was perfect.

First of all we visited the house....

......some dingy rooms and some flooded with sunlight, with incredible vistas across the surrounding countryside. We later discovered that the "dingy" rooms were kept dark to preserve the fragile contents, such as the hand-painted wallpaper.

Many objects caught my eye as you can imagine.
Here are just a few of them.

A wooden sink.

Noah`s Ark which reminded me of one we made for my nephew Shane many years ago.

A harvest painting at the top of the stairs.

The fireplace tiles.

Elizabeth Hussey`s dressing table.

A rather splendidly painted lidded dish.

Shell art, a very Victorian pastime.


A finely embroidered dressing gown.....more detail on the left.

A tantalising glimpse into the walk-in wardrobe.

Flowers made from feathers.

A shelf of old paperbacks reminding us both of our own collection years ago.

The wallpaper wouldn`t look wrong today.....think Laura Ashley.

A montage screen to keep out the draughts.
( this photo especially for Belinda)

Another Victorian bouquet.....not sure how it is made.

I loved this painting on the stairs of Elizabeth Hussey.

Outside the sun was still shining and we made our way down to the castle through the gardens, past quarries dotted with snowdrops and lawns popping bulbs.

The castle is surrounded by a moat.....
 .......with an ice house at the far end, thatched with heather.

Finally after a good lunch in the tearooms, we visited the newly renovated walled garden.

A watering cart.

 Peas well under way and 
somebody has been working hard all morning.

Wonderful fruit nets for which I am most envious.

And incredible greenhouses leaning against the wall and facing south.

This castle is about half an hour`s drive from Freshwinds Camping and would make a lovely day out.
I was most pleasantly surprised.


  1. Brilliant photos- and that greenhouse! I do love a bit of decoupage :-)

    1. I remember your decoupage furniture. Have you ever done any more?

  2. I've never visited here either. We are spoilt for choice of beautiful places to visit. Maybe this could be another to add o our list of places to check out on one of our next visits x x x

    1. I am looking forward to visiting it again but at a different time of the year.