Monday, 8 February 2016

Crochet and Crafts

What a strange winter this has been!
I do not consider myself a fair weather gardener, but would like to think that not much keeps me from my favourite hobby (or way-of-life)
BUT......not much is inducing me into the garden. Even our apple tree has not been pruned which is usually done at the beginning of January. Soon the buds will be fattening up and the sap rising.
Today is blustery and we have had gale force winds in the night.
We visited the garden on Saturday but it was most uninviting. We collected our usual sprouts and leeks plus some parsley and mint and came straight home to light the fire. We are using the logs from our lovely silver birch which had to be chopped down. So sad......but it was diseased.

So it is indoor jobs all the way.....not a bad thing, as they won`t get done at any other time of the year.
Also lots of craft on the go.
I have been doing lots of crochet since Christmas.

And Paula and I are busy knitting for the two new babies due this spring.

Steve has been making new wine racks from tree trunks....

.........and putting an automaton together for my brother Jamie.
It was a present from one of his double bass pupils.

We have been out for a few fast walks.

The gate to the camping field.

The farm entrance.

But today we are indoors and I shall be trying out my new overlocker machine which I`ve had for some time. It is on my list of jobs called...."Things to do before the winter is over."
Then I will be right by the fire making the last of my birthday cards for the year.

It is my Gran`s birthday today. She would have been 113.
I remember her with lots of love.
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  1. That elephant looks amazing! Do you know what it means to sit back and do nothing? I don't think so!!

    1. Well believe it or not its the same pattern as the mouse and I just changed a few things round.

  2. Yes. What weather! I like your crafts and Steve's woodwork.

    I was thinking about granny on her birthday but cant follow your link to any photos..

    1. If you go back to this time last year, the blog entry is at the beginning of February.....(on the right hand side.)
      I have a new project in mind with Gran`s photos. Will let you know how I get on.

  3. Well, it must be bad if even you don't go out! I've got to clean my windows and floors - mud has been splatted up by the rain and distributed evenly over the floor by our dogs and the men in this house! love the crochet

    1. I`ve just looked at our windows this p.m and they are dreadful too. At least I haven`t got dogs to trample it all in though